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About Carolyn Rafferty Dog Art
My name is Carolyn Rafferty and I am a self taught artist. I have sold my paintings and prints throughout the world.     Dogs are the focus of my artwork.

 As young children , my Sister and I were  unable to have a dog because we lived in an apartment and dreamed of owning one.    When I was fourteen years old, we moved to our own home and we were able to adopt  our first dog, Spot, a Jack Russell Terrier that we inherited from our Grandfather.  After that my Sister and I made up for lost time.  We luckily had the same interests in life and began training and showing our next dogs and have continued until now.
 We moved to our own farm in 2000 which has been a lifelong dream for us. 

We share WindSong farm with horses, chickens and our six dogs, ( two Dobes, Lucas and Haylie), a lab mix, ( Kianna), a rescued Jack Russell Terrier ( Boo) and two of her puppies ( Reo and Sandy).  Boo was pregnant when we found her and hers was the only litter we have ever whelped.  It was a truly magical experience. 

I truly love to paint dogs and my artwork has a magical, whimsical feel to it.  I love to use bright fun colors and depict dogs doing the funny and sweet things that I love the most about them.  When possible, I like to incorporate qualities that are true to some of the different breeds that I do, whether it be herding, or love of water, or interest in small animals, ect.
I also do custom artwork.  Many of the designs you will see here were first done as a custom painting for someone.  

Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams