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Ceramic pins and more !
The ceramic pins shown below are only a small selection of what is available and are not in any particular order. Due to the huge number of different breeds, varieties, and colors of dogs...... I cannot show all that I have.  please contact me for more information if you do not see your breed.  I have sold these pins for many years but as of right now am concentrating on my paintings and not currently making these..  I have a large number of pins available, but may not have your breed.  Contact me and I can tell you what I have available.
Doberman ( black)
Doberman (Red)
Doberman puppy ( red/cropped)
Doberman puppy ( blue/cropped)
Doberman Puppy ( black cropped)
Doberman puppy ( blue, natural ears)
Doberman ( three dimensional)
Sheltie ( blue merle)
Blue Tick Coonhound
Shih Tzu  ( Black and white)
These ceramic pins are totally hand created from start to finish!  I begin by drawing the original shape,which I use as a template.  I roll ceramic clay into a thin sheet and cut the design from the clay.  This "blank" is then fired.  I then paint each pin individually.  The pins are flat but I create the look of depth and shape by the use of shading in my artwork.  The pins each vary slightly because each one is actually a miniature painting!  I then use a spray varnish to set the artwork and provide a protective covering.  Because these are ceramic...they are breakable.  Make sure that you do not forget and allow them to go through the washer!   
Ceramic pins  $19.99 + $5.00 shipping which includes shipping insurance