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Custom paintings 
Many of the prints that you see on this website began as custom paintings that I did for people.  You can make your dog the star of his or her own painting!  If you see any design here and you do not see it in your breed....I can do one for you.  Or if you have an idea of your own....e-mail me and tell me about it.  Pricing varies according to how many dogs are in the painting and how detailed the painting is.  

My CUSTOM  paintings start at $125.00 for one dog on an 11 X 14 inch stretched canvas.  

 In the section that you see will see original paintings that I have done that are currently available.  Those paintings are done in acrylic paints on un-stretched canvas....meaning that they need to be matted and framed as a paper print would be.   Most of the custom paintings that I do for people are on stretched canvas.  A canvas stretched on a wooden frame work.  Those paintings can either be put in a frame....or hung on the wall as they are.  I continue the painting along the sides so that you can just put a hanger on the back and hang the painting on the wall.   
Original paintings currently available
The original paintings available here come in two sizes.  They are all done on un-stretched canvas...meaning that these need to be matted and framed.  They will come signed and dated by me.
9 x 12 inch un-stretched canvas  $59.99 +$6.00 shipping which will include insurance.
Labrador, " Just Ducky"
Dalmatian , ( Patience)
Sheltie " The Sheltie Mind"
Doberman " Special Delivery"
Doberman " the Campfire"
Doberman " Starlight Dancers" Black and rust
Doberman " Future Friends"
Doberman " Soaring"
St Bernard " The BEST toy of all ! "
Bernese Mountain Dog " Graduation"
Bernese Mountain Dog " The Lifeguard"
Bernese Mountain Dog " A chance encounter"
Border Collie " the guardians"
Shelties " Can't we come in ? "
Rottweiler " The Easter Egg Tree"
Landseer Newfoundland " Star Spangled Stranger"
Old English Sheepdog " The Easter Egg Tree"
Airedale " Trick or treat"
Labrador Retriever " Just Ducky ! "
Basset Hound " Springtime Visitor"
Airedale " Christmas Magic"
Bull Terrier  " Santa's Helper"
6 X 9 inch  Un-stretched canvas $24.99 + $5.00 shipping, which will include insurance.
Basset Hound ( Tri ) " Wind Blown"
Dachshund ( Black and tan) " I've been fairy dusted !"
westie " Christmas Magic"
Westie "Christmas Mischief"
Aussie " A taste of Winter"
Maltese " Momma and baby"
Scottie " Christmas Magic"
Great Dane " Firefly Racer"
Samoyed " Snow Baby"
White Doberman " Moonbeam Chaser"
Newfoundland " Snow Dancer"