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Beach Bums
Starlight Dancers ( Red)
let them eat cake
It was a DARK and stormy night
Afternoon delight
Beach party
Life's lessons
The campfire
Comin at ya !
Dobes in paradise
Star Gazers ( Black and rust and Red)
I've been fairy dusted !
Let it all hang out
Metro Dobe
Moonbeam chaser ( white dobe)
Motor heads ( black and rust )
New Arrivals
Patience ( natural ears )
I've been a good girl !
Pool party
Rain Delay
Angel Dobe ( red)
Star Gazer ( red)
Romance under the stars
Snow baby ( blue)
Snow Dancer ( red, natural ears)
Star Spangled Starnger
Star Gazer ( black)
Starlight Dancers ( black)
Sweet Dreams
the gardener's apprentice
Wind Dancer
Wishful Thinking
Bath day blues
Starlight Starbright
The Easter egg tree
Forest Friends
Sleigh ride
The toy box
The Christmas visitor
A beautiful day on the beach
Chenille Dreamer
Christmas in paradise
Beach strut
Easter bunny's helper
First contact
Guardian angel
The scary stranger
Mother's helper
Peep pacifier
Sweet temptation
The Doberman mind
Who's watching who?
Trick or treat !
Snow Dancer ( cropped black)
Christmas Magic
Firefly magic
Intruder alert !
Special Delivery
Dobe angel ( Black cropped)
Survival position
Future Dreams
Future Friends
Admiration ( no rosette)
Future friends
Motor Heads ( blue natural ears)
Take Flight ( Red )
Please enjoy browsing through my Doberman art!  My artwork is bright, whimsical, colorful and affordable.   I strive to capture all of the fun things that our Dobes do to delight us every day!  

The Doberman is my chosen breed since my family became Dobe owners in 1982.

 Although the Doberman was bred to be a guarding breed, they also have so many other wonderful traits.   They are a breed  that is loyal, loving, tactile and want more than anything in the world to truly share your life.  They want to be with you!  They train best with positive methods and are not easily dominated or forced.  They would rather be your partner than your servant.  They are a breed who would give their life for you once that special bond has been formed.   

One of the things I like the very most about the the Doberman sense of humor!  Once you have formed that special bond with a will never want to be without one.  My Dobes brighten my life and  make me laugh every single day!