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Miscellaneous breeds
Some breeds I only have one or two designs available.  These breeds are listed below.
Beagle first contact
Borzoi Starry starry night
Borzoi Starry Starry Night
Boston Pool party
Boston Starlight Starbright
Boston tug of war
Bouvier spring day
Boxer Intruder alert
Briard a spring day
English Bulldog Gracie
German Shepherd Racing the wind
German Shepherd Take flight
Greyhound Chenille Dreamer
Maltese Angel
Maltese Momma and baby
Pug Party
Puli stargazers
Scottie Christmas Magic
Soft Coated Wheaten Balloons
Siberian Husky " Snow Worshipper"
Springer Spaniel " Star Gazer " ( Liver and white)
 8 x 10 prints$14.99 plus shipping